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I can trace my love of photography back three generations, to the early 1900s and my paternal great-grandfather, Henry Mattson. I have a really cool photo that he took of the old family homestead in Minnesota, sometime before 1910. According to family history, Grampa Mattson frequently took photos of his world - the people and places that he loved.

It warms my heart to know that this love of photography didn't skip any generations as it passed down to me! I am blessed to have such a legacy and I hope to pass it on to my own children and grandchildren some day.

I experience a physical and spiritual thrill whenever the Lord shows Himself in His marvelous creation around us and in the people I meet. My dream vacation would be to spend a year or two just traveling around the US, stopping at little out of the way places and photographing the interesting characters and the beauty of nature to be found along the way - those things that draw me closer to GOD and help point others to Him, too.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

November 30 Photo Shoot, part 1

Had to run into Anchorage very early this day, as Kasey, our "Daughter-in-love" was scheduled for a tonsillectomy and had to be at the hospital by 6:00 am. We arrived about 25 inutes early and after I dropped her off, I drove downtown to try to capture some of the decorations before the city "woke up" and got busy!

This series of photos was taken between 5:56 -6:16 am. I didn't use a tripod at all, just had the camera in my hands (as evidenced by some of the not-so-crisp photos!). If anyone wants the specs on one or more of these, please let me know!

TFL - kimB

"The Dover Center," located in mid-town Anchorage, is a small strip mall with several of these lovely blue & white trees in their parking lot. I hadn't intended to stop here on my way toward downtown, but noticed these trees en route and HAD to take some shots!

Paved pathway in Anchorage's Town Square. This pathway brings back sweet memories, as just about 18 months ago, my beloved daughter, Jenni, and I walked down this same path as I gave her away in Holy matrimony to her husband, Ivory :)

You can see my Blazer just to the right of center. You can also see that we currently have just a trace of snow. We'd had several inches until about 10 days ago, when we began experiencing unseasonably warm weather and virtually all of it melted away. We are just now starting to get back to normal (highs in the low to mid 20s, lows in the teens).

Each year after Thanksgiving, the city of Anchorage lights up its giant Christmas tree in Town Square, bordered on the east and west by E Street and F Street, respectively, and on the north and south by 5th Avenue and 6th Avenue, respectively. For this shot, I stood at the base of the tree and shot upwards, catching a bit of the treetop star.

A bauble on the Christmas tree - this ornament is between 8-10 inches across! I like how this photo turned out, with the buildings in the background :)

Okay - these have to be some of the weirdest sculptures I've ever seen, but they've been here - in the walkway at the corner of 5th Ave and F Street - since last year and have intrigued me all this time. Because the downtown area is sooo busy during the day and I'm rarely here during "off hours," I took advantage of my early-morning adventure to check these guys out!

I'm not sure who the sculptor is, as the only signs I could see basically said, "Keep off" and "Do not climb." Pictured above are the Canada Goose, Wolf and Bear sculptures. And yes, Alaska has Starbucks - 16 of them w/in a 40 mile radius, actually! I love their decaf frappucinos, but prefer to give my business to the small, locally-owned coffee shops, whenever possible.

This is my favorite of the bunch! Always love my moose :) The building on the right in the background is the "Alaska Center for the Performing Arts" - locally referred to as "The PAC" (performing arts center). This is where we have a lot of concerts, plays and other special events. Playing this month is "The Producers." The skybridge behind this moose connects the PAC to the Egan Convention Center. Beyond the skybridge is the Town Square.

Different angle of the Canada Goose and Wolf sculptures. The building in the background is the Egan Convention Center.

Closer shot of the bear sculpture, outside of Starbucks.

Yet another view of the Canada Goose and the Wolf sculptures.

Looking east up 5th Ave from the north side of the street. The awning is the front of the Egan Convention Center. Town Square is directly across the street from here.

The Christmas Tree in all its stately beauty! This is a 35' tall spruce tree.

Looking east up 5th Ave again - this time, from the south side of the street. Town Square is just to the right of where I'm standing. "Glass" building on the left is the front of the Egan Convention Center.

TFL - kimB


~Ane~ said...

nice picture, I really like the one with the big ornament! really nice to have the big one in front and the rest there in background.

Jane said...

WOW!!!! This are GORGEOUS!!!!! I love them all! But that one of the bauble...it is so perfect!!!
You take amazing night shots!!

cherie said...

great nightime shots!!! love the big Chritmas ornament.Great perspective shot.The big tree is so pretty too. Nice work Kim.

Lynn/annasmom said...

Wonderful shots. You make it look so beautiful. So crisp and clean.
The lighting is awesome!

pdxscrappinmamma said...

Beautiful shots Kim. You were busy with that camera girl!

Sam said...

I love the bauble one!!

Sam said...
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pixelchick said...

I love them all. Great job and the trees are beautiful.