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I can trace my love of photography back three generations, to the early 1900s and my paternal great-grandfather, Henry Mattson. I have a really cool photo that he took of the old family homestead in Minnesota, sometime before 1910. According to family history, Grampa Mattson frequently took photos of his world - the people and places that he loved.

It warms my heart to know that this love of photography didn't skip any generations as it passed down to me! I am blessed to have such a legacy and I hope to pass it on to my own children and grandchildren some day.

I experience a physical and spiritual thrill whenever the Lord shows Himself in His marvelous creation around us and in the people I meet. My dream vacation would be to spend a year or two just traveling around the US, stopping at little out of the way places and photographing the interesting characters and the beauty of nature to be found along the way - those things that draw me closer to GOD and help point others to Him, too.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Oct 31 Photo Shoot

While I was in Anchorage running errands yesterday, I decided to do an impromptu photo shoot ~ there are several pics here, so if you manage to make it all the way through to the end, I admire your patience and your friendship!

UPS Jet coming in for a landing at the
Ted Stevens International Airport in Anchorage.
Photo taken from Point Woronzof.

Anchorage skyline taken from Earthquake Park

I spotted this eagle as he/she landed on the utility pole at Spenard Lake. I wasn't too happy to see the other birds picking on this poor eagle, but it did make for interesting pictures... In the first small photo, you can see the raven that kept dive-bombing the eagle; in the second, if you look closely behind the eagle, you can spot the little magpie tht was going for his/her tail feathers. Right after I snapped that photo, the majestic eagle flew off for calmer digs - I managed to get a quick, though blurry, shot as it flew through the trees.

Sweet vignette of a bench at a float plane slip, overlooking Spenard Lake and the airport.

Bear sculpture outside the Boney Courthouse in downtown Anchorage

Whale sculpture located across from the Boney Courthouse on K St

A pair of authentic totem poles, created for exhibit at the entrance of the Nesbett Courthouse in downtown Anchorage. The one on the left is titled, "Raven Stealing the Moon and Stars;" the smaller totem is titled, "Eagle and the Giant Clam"

Closeup of "Eagle and the Giant Clam" totem

Profile of "Eagle and the Giant Clam" in B&W

"Raven Stealing the Moon and Stars"

The following photos were taken later in the evening from the St Andrews Parish just up the street from our home in Eagle River

St Andrews Parish

Alpenglow on the Chugach Range

Sunset Glow in Eagle River Valley

Flags in the after-glow


cherie said...

beautiful place thanks for sharing it through your photos!

Lynn/annasmom said...

Okay Kim, you know I love the birds!!! The eagle pic is awesome. I clicked on it to enlarge it and it is so sharp. Very nice! Would love to see it cropped just below his tail feathers to get all of those utility wires out of the shot.
All of the rest are wonderful too, but that "fiery sunset" pic is absolutely gorgeous!

Gayle said...

Kim, I so enjoy your photography and I felt like I was right there. The jet coming in for a landing is an awesome catch. Fabulous photos!

pdxscrappinmamma said...

Kim....you make me want to visit Alaska every time I see your shots. I particularly love the Alpenglow on Chugach Range. I don't know what an Alpenglow is but it's sure pretty.

Jane said...

Holy cow...some awesome shots!!! I love the church shot the totem poles and the whale statue and of course the Eagle shot (always love them!) The shot of the bench by the water is SUPER too!!!

pixelchick said...

Oh my gosh I need to visit Alaska now!! We even have a savings account set up for a cruise there..I can't wait all your photos are so beautiful! I really love your eagle storyboard pictures and the skyline..great job!