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I can trace my love of photography back three generations, to the early 1900s and my paternal great-grandfather, Henry Mattson. I have a really cool photo that he took of the old family homestead in Minnesota, sometime before 1910. According to family history, Grampa Mattson frequently took photos of his world - the people and places that he loved.

It warms my heart to know that this love of photography didn't skip any generations as it passed down to me! I am blessed to have such a legacy and I hope to pass it on to my own children and grandchildren some day.

I experience a physical and spiritual thrill whenever the Lord shows Himself in His marvelous creation around us and in the people I meet. My dream vacation would be to spend a year or two just traveling around the US, stopping at little out of the way places and photographing the interesting characters and the beauty of nature to be found along the way - those things that draw me closer to GOD and help point others to Him, too.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Is it the 29th yet?

Okay - I think time passes way too quickly anymore - and the older I get, the faster it seems to go by. Normally, I'd give anything to be able to slow the days down for a little while. Especially during summer. Especially in Alaska. Because it's still August and the leaves are already turning. And an average day lately is cloudy/rainy and in the mid 50s.

But I digress...

Last night, I ordered a new camera:


I could've had it here by this weekend, but opted for the free shipping instead. It shipped today and should arrive on the 29th - Lord willing. Being in Alaska, it might take a few days longer to get here, but then again, maybe not!

I realize that some people might think I'm a bit odd, getting so excited about a non-dSLR camera, but oh well -- coming from 24 years of film SLR experience, I do want a nice *big camera* someday, but because I still consider myself a newbie when it comes to digital cameras, I prefer to learn about digital functions at a comfortable pace and I think this Fuji S6000 will be the right camera for that purpose! And I will continue to use my current camera as well - the main reason I want a new one at this time is that the old one is falling apart (though I can still get good photos from it) and don't want to put the $$$ into replacing the non-working pieces.

-- kimB

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